All Power to All Voters drives a positive, proactive and pro-voter vision through which we can advance advocacy efforts to secure and expand the freedom to vote in Florida. Together, we can push back on negativity, fear, misinformation and election sabotage threats that seek to harm our freedom as voters.

Florida voters hold the power in our democracy, and they deserve:

  • A strong, powerful and democracy-centered movement that reflects the values, priorities, and leadership of their communities
  • Free, fair and accessible elections with systems that guarantee effective and efficient participation for every voter, in their preferred method of voting
  • Election officials who stand up for the will of voters, build trust in our elections, and denounce false claims and actions that sabotage the will of the voters 
  • An election process free from discrimination, disinformation and barriers that limit voters’ freedom to safely participate in our democracy
  • Transformative language justice, where growing communities’ election needs are met by local and state officials
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Join us in the fight to protect our freedom to vote.

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