When it comes to our elections, Allegheny County voters want a transparent process we can trust, free from needless barriers.

Decisions about future elections are being made now by the Allegheny County Election Board. We must hold the Board accountable now before these decisions silence voters. There are strong and ready solutions to many of our most significant voting problems. Allegheny County has the opportunity to be a consistent leader in how elections are run in the Commonwealth. We’re calling on elections officials to adopt a Pro-Voter Agenda that includes:

  1. Purchasing and equitably distributing secure ballot drop boxes in outdoor locations with 24-hour access.
  2. Creating and using multiple permanent early voting sites with weekend and evening hours and voter registration options.
  3. Fully staffing polling places with trained election workers at least two weeks before every election.
  4. Providing widely accessible language access materials in all polling places and early voting sites. 
  5. Mailing election information about drop box locations, polling places, and early voting sites to all voters.  
  6. Establishing a permanent public election board meeting schedule that meets at least twice per quarter.
  7. Continuing to advocate for increased resources from state and county officials to fund elections and meet the needs of voters.

Learn more about how you can take action and support the Pro-Voter Agenda at the links below. 

In partnership with:


African American Chamber of Commerce of Western PA

Alliance for Police Accountability

Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP)

Black Voters Matter Fund​

Black Women for Positive Change

Keystone Votes

One PA

Pittsburgh Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Pittsburghers for Public Transit

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates


Take Action Mon Valley

The Pennsylvania Joint Board of Workers United, SEIU

The Pittsburgh Chapter of the Links Incorporated

Voter Empowerment Education & Enrichment Movement Pittsburgh

Wake Up the Vote

West End P.O.W.E.R.

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Join us in the fight to protect our freedom to vote.

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