Press Releases, State News / August 13, 2021

Ohio Secretary of State LaRose Must Create Consistent Standards for Collecting Election Data Across Counties

CLEVELAND--The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition called on Secretary of State Frank LaRose to require universal standards for how Ohio’s 88 counties collect election data, a move that is critical in bolstering public confidence in the state’s election system.

Press Releases, State News / July 23, 2020

Duval County Must Send Vote by Mail Applications to All Registered Voters

TALLAHASSEE- All Voting is Local Florida called on Mike Hogan, Duval County’s Supervisor of Elections, to send all registered voters vote by mail applications and aggressively expand education efforts to inform county residents how to safely participate in the August 18 primary and general election.

Reports, State News / July 1, 2020

New Report Finds Widespread Voting Disenfranchisement in Wisconsin Jails

Our democracy works best when all eligible voters participate. The fundamental right to vote is central to the full and equal participation of people in America. Especially in the midst of a global pandemic, it is critical that all eligible voters have a say in who represents our interests. Every vote matters. Unfortunately, too many eligible voters face needless and discriminatory barriers that limit this right. This is particularly true of eligible voters in Wisconsin county jails.

Press Releases, State News / June 24, 2020

Georgia Officials Could Punish Voters with Senate Bill 463

ATLANTA — Aklima Khondoker, Georgia State Director of All Voting is Local, issued the following statement in response to Georgia legislators’ rush to advance SB 463, which would ban state election officials from mailing absentee ballot applications to eligible voters, threatening to silence them. The bill only aims to further restrict access to the ballot on the heels of Georgia’s catastrophic primary election on June 9 and could pass as early as tomorrow.

Press Releases, State News / June 23, 2020

Wisconsin Governor Evers Must Enforce His Executive Order to Expand Access to Photo ID

MILWAUKEE-All Voting is Local Wisconsin and 28 voting rights groups called on Gov. Tony Evers to enforce his own Executive Order and compel the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) to expand access to photo ID by increasing locations and hours where voters can obtain the identification necessary to cast a ballot. The groups noted that Wisconsin has one of the most restrictive voter ID laws in the nation which creates needless and discriminatory barriers to the ballot.

Media, Press Releases, State News / June 6, 2020

Georgia Officials Must Remove Voting Obstacles, Protect Voters on Tuesday

ATLANTA— All Voting is Local Georgia State Director Aklima Khondoker issued the following statement in response to reports of unnecessary obstacles voters faced on Friday, the last day of early voting in Georgia, including: waits of up to seven hours to cast a ballot, polling place closures, and a backlog of absentee ballot applications. Khondoker urged Georgia officials to act now to prevent such problems in the Tuesday, June 9 primary

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