Media / March 12, 2020 Advocates launching text campaign to reach Ohio voters whose polling places were moved over coronavirus concerns

Mike Brickner, the Ohio director for All Voting is Local, says his group wants the voters to know where their new polling places will be. They plan to send the texts on Monday, directing recipients to check out the Secretary of State’s website, which has a designated coronavirus section — — that includes up-to-date information about polling locations.

Media / March 10, 2020

The Guardian: Election officials rush to make changes to address coronavirus concerns

That might not be enough, said Mike Brickner, the director of the Ohio chapter of All Voting is Local, an advocacy group. “Obviously this is pretty short notice and voters may not know that their polling location has moved and may not get that postcard in the mail, or see it, or read it,” he said. He urged election officials to go the “extra mile” and said his group plans to text voters affected by the change.

Reports / September 24, 2019

Needs Improvement: Barriers to the Ballot at Ohio’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities

An analysis of voting data from 2018 reveals troubling trends in low turnout, provisional ballot rejection and registration problems. But these barriers are not insurmountable. All Voting is Local together with students and community partners, propose a robust and sustained investment in voter education and poll worker recruitment and training to solve these problems so all students can cast a ballot that counts.

Media / September 9, 2019 Why using Ohio BMV list to register voters misses many: far fewer young people drive

Two leading advocates for increasing voter registration in Ohio - Jen Miller, executive director of the Ohio League of Women Voters, and Mike Brickner, Ohio director for All Voting is Local - said the mailing was a solid effort to attract more voters, yet both pointed out that many people will be missed.

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