Press Releases, State News / October 3, 2018

All Voting is Local Urges Florida to Prepare Online Voter Registration System for High Traffic

TALLAHASSEE--All Voting is Local today sent a letter to Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner urging his office to make public its plan for preventing and resolving potential problems with the state’s online voter registration system.

Press Releases / September 26, 2018

All Voting is Local Announces Voter Education Campaign

MILWAUKEE--In 2011, Wisconsin lawmakers passed one of the most restrictive voter ID laws in the nation, but, since then, haven’t taken meaningful steps to educate voters on how to comply with the law.  All Voting is Local is filling that void by launching today a voter education campaign to arm residents with information to ensure their voices are heard on Election Day.

Press Releases, State News / September 25, 2018

FAU to bring ‘convenience’ to students with early voting

Expectations for a surge in voting by younger citizens this Election Day  are getting a boost on two fronts: Florida Atlantic University will host an early voting site; and Palm Beach County schools are encouraging students who have turned 18 to register.

Press Releases / September 24, 2018

Democracy is only great when its citizens participate

Democracy is based on the notion that the people should govern themselves — that the people have a voice.  When we don’t vote, we lose that voice. In doing so, we do ourselves, and our community a disservice. And this disservice will not be short-lived. The reverberations of the 2018 election will be felt far into the future. If we don’t vote, we won’t have a say in that future.

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