Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced his plans to make voting in Florida inhospitable. He signaled to the legislature that he’d like them to weaken voter accessibility and protections while ignoring critical areas for improvement.

Specifically, the governor wants lawmakers to burden Florida voters by:

  • Making them request an absentee ballot after every election — despite Supervisors of Elections coming out against the bill, saying it harms uniformed overseas voters and would come at a high financial and informative cost.
  • Addressing ballot drop boxes — which served as a safe and effective way for Floridians to vote amid a pandemic.
  • Deciding who can return vote by mail ballots — Florida has one of the oldest populations in the U.S., with many elderly voters unable to cast a ballot in-person and an unreliable postal service system to make matters worse.


Tell Gov. Ron DeSantis to adopt pro-voter policies that ensure all eligible voters can cast and cure a valid mail ballot.

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