Attention Florida voters: join us as we pledge to defend the freedom to vote across the state. We deserve leaders who govern in our interests and make the promise of our democracy real for us all. Sign our Floridians for Trust in Elections pledge to call on state officials to protect our voting rights.

Access to the ballot box should not be a partisan issue, and the will of the voters must be respected, not thwarted, by an ongoing spectacle of election sabotage and anti-voter laws.

Sign this pledge to urge Florida officials to:

  • Combat misinformation and disinformation that threatens Floridians’ freedom to vote by avoiding the amplification of false claims and commit to use their offices to share accurate and reliable information with voters through all available means.
  • Uphold election results and denounce efforts that would sabotage the will of the voters.
  • Ensure that voters, regardless of their primary language, have equitable access to reliable and truthful electoral information so that all voters have trust in elections.
  • Promote transparency in all elections processes by making reliable electoral information updated and readily accessible to voters.


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Join us in the fight to protect our freedom to vote.

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