Why Be a Poll Worker

Poll workers are the backbone of our elections. But a chronic shortage of election workers nationwide threatens our democratic process.

More than half of cities and counties have struggled to recruit enough workers needed to run free and fair elections, causing long lines to the polls. Waits tend to be longest at polling places that serve communities of color, where voters have historically faced barriers to the ballot.

Standing at the front lines of our democracy, poll workers have vital responsibilities: They set up voting machines, hand out ballots, assist voters with disabilities, check in voters, and review their IDs where they are required. (And – guess what – they can even get paid!)

When polling places aren’t prepared, our voices aren’t heard. All Voting is Local is working to recruit poll workers to safeguard our electoral process and ensure that every voter in every community has a voice.

Will you join us?

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You can be the difference this November.

The difference between voices silenced and voices heard.

The difference between democracy and dysfunction.

The difference that counters low voter turnout with record voter turnout.

And you can experience the difference between getting an “I voted” sticker — and passing out thousands.

Pride. Duty. Honor. Privilege. Paycheck.

Your country needs you.

Your polling place needs you.

This November. Every November.

Be the difference. Be a poll worker.