LAS VEGAS — In response the Washoe County Board of Commissioners rejection of Commissioner Jeanne Herman’s proposed Election Resolution R22-50 that would redirect the Registrar of Voters to implement anti-voter policies by the 2022 primary election, All Voting is Local Nevada State Director Kerry Durmick issued the following statement:

“We applaud the Washoe County Board of Commissioners for striking down and refusing to implement the anti-voter resolution that was introduced by Commissioner Jeanne Herman, which would disenfranchise Nevadans by creating barriers to the ballot and intimidate voters. Such measures as purging voters from the rolls by canceling a voter’s registration after five years for no reason whatsoever, forcing all paper ballots with only one machine per polling site (thus resulting in egregiously long lines), and enforcing a sheriff presence at polling places and ballot box locations were a shameful effort to create barriers to the ballot and silence communities. We’re pleased with the county commission’s rejection of these measures in order to uphold the freedom to vote, and we look forward to working with them on ways we can expand, not restrict access to the ballot for all Nevadans.”