Behind closed doors, Georgia’s lawmakers shamelessly signed SB 202 into law. This anti-voter law: 

  • Empowers state legislators to takeover local election boards, giving them the authority to pick and choose whose vote will count;
  • Requires that voters without a driver’s license or state ID provide a photocopy or scan of another form of ID to request their absentee ballot;
  • Restricts the use and availability of ballot drop boxes; 
  • Criminalizes private citizens and organizations from offering food and water t to people waiting in line to vote.  

Although SB 202 was signed into law, we still have the power to monitor  how the law is implemented on the local level. By volunteering for the Georgia Peanut Gallery, you’ll be trained on how to hold elected officials accountable and promote fair, transparent, and accessible elections for all Georgians.


Protect Georgians’ freedom to vote. Get involved on a local level with The Georgia Peanut Gallery.

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