Media, Press Releases, State News / May 28, 2020

All Voting is Local Michigan Launches Vote-by-Mail Education Campaign

DETROIT — All Voting is Local today announced a campaign to empower Michigan voters, particularly people of color and young people, to vote by mail through a series of text messages reaching over 521,000 voters, direct calls reaching over 124,000 voters, and digital ads walking them through the absentee voting process. Ensuring voters are aware of the tools they can use to have their voices heard will increase voter comfort and confidence in our elections.

Media, Press Releases, State News / May 27, 2020

All Voting is Local to Urge Philadelphians to be Vigilant About Changes to June Election

PHILADELPHIA - All Voting is Local Pennsylvania today announced a campaign to urge Philadelphia voters to return their mail in ballots by the June 2 primary election deadline and alert them to massive polling place changes throughout the city. This week of action includes a virtual town hall on Thursday where voting rights advocates and state officials will encourage voters to use the various options at their disposal to exercise their right to vote

Media, Press Releases, State News / May 19, 2020

Expanding Access to Mailed Ballots is the Right Step in Safeguarding Elections

DETROIT — All Voting is Local Michigan State Director Aghogho Edevbie issued the following statement in response to Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s announcement that all Michigan voters will be mailed an absentee ballot application for the August and November elections.

Media, Press Releases / May 18, 2020

Turn Up Tuesdays to Highlight Accessibility for Voters with Disabilities

WASHINGTON – The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and All Voting is Local, along with its joint And Still I Vote campaign and in partnership with the National Disability Rights Network, will raise awareness about the power of the disability vote, discuss some of the challenges voters with disabilities face at the polls, and urge officials across the country to ensure fair, safe, and accessible elections in 2020. The conversation is part of Turn Up Tuesdays, a weekly national call to action to ensure people are informed and activated to vote in November.

Press Releases, State News / May 15, 2020

14,000 Pennsylvanians Join All Voting is Local and Pennsylvania Voice to Learn About Voting Options During COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA - All Voting is Local and Pennsylvania Voice held a virtual town hall Thursday to discuss the voting by mail option and the consolidation of polling places ahead of Pennsylvania’s June 2 primary amid COVID-19 safety concerns. State officials and voting rights advocates, along with a language access specialist, reached more than 14,000 Pennsylvania voters with details about the rescheduled primary, information about recently announced polling place closures in Philadelphia, and resources for non-native English speakers.

Press Releases, State News / May 14, 2020

Civil Rights Organizations Release Troubling Findings of Wisconsin Voter Turnout in April 2020 Primary

WASHINGTON, DC –Leading civil rights organizations today released a new analysis that reveals stark racial disparities and troubling patterns in voter turnout during Wisconsin’s April 7, 2020 primary, held during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data clearly shows that wards with higher Black and Hispanic populations had significantly lower voter turnout compared to wards with a high percentage of white residents. The organizations also outlined steps Wisconsin can take to ensure elections remain free, fair, and safe for all.