Press Releases, State News / August 4, 2021

Florida Secretary of State Must Reduce Harms of Anti-Voter Law

TALLAHASSEE — A coalition of voting rights and community organizations are urging Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee and the Florida Division of Elections to prevent barriers to the ballot caused by SB 90, the anti-voter legislation signed into law in May, which makes it harder for voters to request and return vote-by-mail ballots and get assistance while waiting in line to vote.

Press Releases, State News / July 27, 2021

Pennsylvania Counties Must Update Policies to Address Increased Provisional Ballot Use

PHILADELPHIA — All Voting is Local Pennsylvania, The Voter Project, and Voter Protection Corps are calling on counties throughout the commonwealth to act now to create policies to decrease the troubling number of provisional ballots — particularly those used by voters who requested to vote by mail.

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