Press Releases / March 15, 2019

Letter to Athens County Commissions Re: Relocation of BOE Offices

Following news reports of a proposed relocation of the Athens County Board of Elections, All Voting is Local State Director Mike Brickner wrote to the County Commissioners recommending they ensure that the relocation does not unintentionally create new problems for the voters of Athens County.

Press Releases / February 27, 2019

Technology alone isn’t enough. We need well-trained poll workers to ensure our elections | Opinion

As county officials throughout Pennsylvania work to comply with Gov. Tom Wolf’s voting machine mandate for the 2020 elections, they would be wise to tackle a less-recognized threat to election integrity: poorly trained poll workers.

Poll workers are the guardians of our democracy and to thoroughly protect our election system they must be properly trained. Among their vital tasks, poll workers check-in voters, hand out ballots, and help voters with disabilities.

Press Releases / February 26, 2019

Poll workers are the backbone of our democracy: Letter to the Editor

Sandusky’s decision to make Election Day a paid holiday for city workers is a smart way to expand access to the ballot. Cincinnati announced a similar proposal. Cleveland should follow suit and go further: offer incentives to city employees to serve as poll workers, filling a critical shortage plaguing our election system.

Media / February 6, 2019

Mitch McConnell Attacks the Volunteer Backbone of Elections

The country is in desperate need of more volunteer poll workers, who spend 14- to 15-hour days making sure people can exercise their right to vote. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is claiming Democrats’ effort to get more federal workers to help is actually a corrupt scheme to steal elections.

Media / January 28, 2019

Opinion: How to prevent voters from unfair purging

In a final affront to voters, outgoing Secretary of State Jon Husted announced Ohio would immediately resume purging infrequent voters from the state rolls, an unfair policy which could eliminate an estimated 2 million Ohioans from the rolls. Earlier this month, the process got underway as officials mailed notices to voters at risk of being tossed from the rolls.