Press Releases, State News / April 29, 2021

Senate Bill 90 Threatens Floridians’ Freedom to Vote

TALLAHASSEE — All Voting is Local Florida State Director Brad Ashwell issued the following statement in response to the Florida Legislature passing Senate Bill 90:

“SB 90 is a blatant violation of Floridians’ freedom to vote and represents a direct backlash to last year’s record-breaking turnout. By erecting onerous barriers to request and return a vote-by-mail ballot, this legislature has made voting a test of stamina and resources rather than a statement of civic responsibility."

Press Releases, State News / April 29, 2021

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Must Veto SB1003—the Legislature’s Latest Effort to Silence Voters

PHOENIX — All Voting is Local Arizona Campaign Manager Rosemary Avila issued the following statement urging Governor Doug Ducey to veto SB1003, which would prohibit voters from fixing their ballots if their signatures are missing.

Press Releases, State News / April 29, 2021

Report: Despite Ohio’s Record 2020 General Election Turnout, Troubling Rates of Provisional Ballot Usage Remain in Black, Brown, and Low-income Communities

COLUMBUS ‒ While a record six million Ohio voters cast a ballot in the 2020 General Election, more than 150,000 cast provisional ballots, a continuation of a troubling trend in voter access, All Voting is Local found in its new report “Too Many Ballots of Last Resort - Disparities in Provisional Ballot Use in Ohio's 2020 Election” released today. The report found troubling disparities of provisional ballot use that relate to race, ethnicity, age, and income across the past three recent major elections.

Reports, State News / April 29, 2021

Too Many Ballots of Last Resort – Disparities in Provisional Ballot Use in Ohio’s 2020 Election

Against the backdrop of a lethal pandemic, Floridians turned out in record numbers to cast vote by mail ballots in the November 3, 2020, general election.

Although the state’s election ran smoothly, more than 47,000 Floridians—the majority of whom were people of color, younger voters, and first-time voters—had to follow-up with their elections supervisor to fix or “cure” their ballots before they could count.

In this report, we examine these disparities and offer recommendations on how Florida’s 67 counties can make the process and validating of mail ballots uniform so that all voters can make their voices heard.

Press Releases, State News / April 27, 2021

Advisory: New Ohio Report Finds Troubling Racial Disparities in Provisional Ballot Use During 2020 General Election

COLUMBUS ‒ All Voting is Local will host a telephone press briefing at 10 a.m. ET on Thursday, April 29, 2021, to discuss findings from its latest report titled “Too Many Ballots of Last Resort - Disparities in Provisional Ballot Use in Ohio's 2020 Election.” On the call they will urge Ohio’s legislature to expand the early voting options that roughly 3.3 million Ohioans successfully used to cast their ballots during 2020’s General Election.

State News / April 22, 2021

Florida Political Review: Florida’s SB-90 Bill: Election Reform or Infringement of Voting Rights?

A recent study sponsored by the group All Voting is Local found that even despite improvement in the mail-in ballot curing efforts, there were “wide disparities between counties in the percentage of ballots initially rejected” and that “younger voters and minorities were more likely to have theirs tossed aside than older and white voters.” The director of the study and University of Florida political science professor Dan Smith believes that the current process of election administration should “in no way be moving in the other direction.”

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