Media / September 24, 2018

‘The power of the vote is in our hands’: Students take voter registration training ahead of midterm elections

Most students don't spend their Saturday morning attending a five-hour voter registration training. But with the midterm elections coming soon, getting people to come out and vote is increasingly important.

Enter the Power of 18.

Media / September 24, 2018

Voter Purging: Use It Or Lose It

On Monday, Sept. 17 the University of Findlay hosted a presentation titled “Your Vote, Your Voice” which was presented by voting expert Mike Brickner.  Brickner presented this in honor of national Constitution Day at Winebrenner Theological Seminary.  Approximately forty people attended, with almost all of them being either students or the elderly.

Press Releases / September 24, 2018

Democracy is only great when its citizens participate

Democracy is based on the notion that the people should govern themselves — that the people have a voice.  When we don’t vote, we lose that voice. In doing so, we do ourselves, and our community a disservice. And this disservice will not be short-lived. The reverberations of the 2018 election will be felt far into the future. If we don’t vote, we won’t have a say in that future.

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