Edwards is the founder and president of Millennials in Action PAC and MIA Strategies, LLC, which focuses on election administration advocacy, lobbying, and campaign management. As co-founder of Millennials in Action PAC, Edwards focuses on organizing, educating, and mobilizing the millennial electorate of BIPOC communities across the U.S.

Edwards serves as an active alumnus of Wilberforce University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in political science. Currently, Edwards serves as the political action chair of the Philadelphia Branch of the NAACP and a Democratic Committee person. He is the former president of Friends of the Greater Olney Library and former national Philadelphia coordinator to the Future Leaders of American Government (FLAG) program, a former member of Blacks In Government, and a 2021 Graduate of Change the Change HBCU data academy.

He has worked on various political campaigns, including Obama for America in 2012 and Katie McGinty for Governor, where he served as the political director for the Southeastern PA region. In 2015, he served as deputy campaign manager for David Wecht for the Supreme Court of PA. Most recently, Edwards served as the director of Black male voter engagement for the Biden campaign, deputy political director to Michael Bloomberg for President in PA, and director of state affairs and advocacy for SAM, Inc. He uses his extensive network to bring resources and opportunities to underserved communities and mentors youth in his free time.