Our Program Makes a Difference

In communities nationwide, officials use bureaucracy to erect barriers to the ballot. All Voting is Local’s fight to remove those obstacles has secured victories and called out unfair practices in an effort to achieve voting that is free, fair, and accessible to all.

All Voting is Local Mobilizes to Kill Repressive Bill

When long lines, malfunctioning machines, and inadequate planning marred Georgia’s primary elections. Rather than accept responsibility, Georgia’s Secretary of State attempted to pass the blame onto the voters with Senate Bill 463, and that’s when All Voting is Local activated. We mobilized our coalition partners and the public to defeat the bill, and we’ll continue to hold elected officials accountable. 

Vote by Mail Successfully Expanded in Michigan 

Following successful advocacy by All Voting is Local, Michigan officials sent all eligible voters absentee ballot applications and created an online portal to sign up for vote-by-mail. To ensure voters feel confident, encouraged, and prepared when voting by mail, we launched a vote by mail education campaign. Through texts, calls, radio segments, and digital ads with explanatory videos, we directly shared information with voters on requesting and filling out mail-in ballots.


All Voting is Local Applies Pressure to Fix Florida’s Online Voter Registration Site

Registering to vote is the first action necessary to participate in our democracy. But in Florida, their voter registration website repeatedly failed to stay up and running just before the registration deadlines. After repeated attempts to get the Governor and Secretary of State to address the faulty website, All Voting is Local launched a multi-media campaign that drew increased attention to the issue and called for a permanent fix.