Our Program Makes a Difference

In communities nationwide, officials use bureaucracy to erect barriers to the ballot. All Voting is Local’s fight to remove those obstacles has secured victories and called out unfair practices in an effort to achieve voting that is free, fair, and accessible to all.

Combating Poll Closures in Philadelphia

With partners, our team sent a letter to Philadelphia City Commissioners urging them to inform voters about widespread polling place changes throughout the city—decisions made just days before the November 5 municipal election. Late-breaking polling place closures and changes are not simply a matter of logistics. Rather, they can result in long lines, transportation hurdles, and mass confusion about where eligible voters may cast their ballot. For many people, particularly voters of color, older voters, and voters with disabilities, these burdens make it harder—if not impossible—to vote.

More than 60,000 vulnerable Ohio voters back on the rolls

In 2018, our campaign sent text messages to 384,444 voters in Ohio who were already in the pipeline to be purged. Of the voters we contacted, 62,479 people updated their registration and cast a ballot on Election Day.


All Voting is Local Urges Voting Rights Reforms Nationwide

Our National Campaign Director Hannah Fried testified before the House Administration Committee’s Subcommittee on Elections to urge Congress to remove pervasive discrimination in voting nationwide like polling place closures, burdensome photo ID requirements and wrongful voter purges.