TALLAHASSEE  All Voting is Local Florida State Director Brad Ashwell issued the following statement in response to Gov. Ron DeSantis naming Peter Antonacci as director of the Office of Election Crimes and Security:

“Florida’s new Office of Election Crimes and Security is an unnecessary and costly measure meant to create distrust in elections and to discourage people from voting. This office also lacks safeguards that will prevent it from being weaponized for political purposes. 

“Gov. DeSantis and the other Big Lie proponents, such as the Secretary of State, who will oversee Antonacci, continue to repeat unfounded claims of election crimes. This office now has a director who can do their bidding and potentially throw a wrench into Florida’s elections system a month before the primary.

“This office serves no practical purpose by seeking to uncover supposed ‘crimes’ that aren’t even happening. It’s just another attempt to sow doubt in voters’ minds at a time when confidence in elections is desperately needed.”


DeSantis announced plans for the creation of an Office of Election Crimes and Security last year, which will cost millions in taxpayer money and serve to give credence to a never-ending stream of lies about our elections.

By signing Senate Bill 524 into law in April, the office was officially established.