MADISON – The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and All Voting is Local, with its joint And Still I Vote campaign, will hold multiple events this week to mobilize voters and urge officials in Wisconsin to ensure fair, safe, and accessible elections in 2020. These activities are part of Turn Up Tuesdays, a weekly, national call to action that launched last month in the wake of Wisconsin’s April 7 election debacle.

Turn Up Tuesdays urges election officials in states nationwide to ensure free, fair, and safe elections before their primaries and the November general election. The activities also aim to empower voters to join the fight to make their voices heard. Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district will hold elections on May 12 and voting right advocates have pushed for expanded access to safe in-person early voting and absentee voting in this election and in November. 

Here is a list of the week’s events: 

5:30 – 6 p.m. EDT

Turn Up Tuesday Facebook Live Event – The Leadership Conference and All Voting is Local will speak with special guests about how they are working to ensure that elections are safe, secure, and accessible.

Ashley Allison, executive vice president of campaigns and programs, The Leadership Conference
Bianca Tomasini, chapter head, Voces de la Frontera – Madison
Maribeth Witzel-Behl, clerk, City of Madison
Michael Ealy, actor and activist
Shauntay Nelson, Wisconsin state director, All Voting is Local

7 p.m. EST

Movie Night ⎼ Details forthcoming.