If we want this election to work, we need to work this election.

Thank you for joining All Voting is Local and Power the Polls on the frontlines of democracy.  Following through on your commitment to serve as a poll worker and showing up for your poll worker assignment is essential to ensure our democracy works for all eligible voters.



Find resources here to help get prepared, but remember this content is only meant to supplement—not replace—the essential poll worker training being offered in your state.  If you have specific questions about poll working in your local community or your poll worker assignment visit Power the Polls to find the contact information for your local elections administrators.


Training Videos

America is facing a record shortage of poll workers this year due to COVID-19, so it is even more important to get prepared and to show up. Watch our training videos below to learn what to expect when you work the polls and some of the issues you’re likely to encounter.



I signed up—now what?  

Know what to do between signing up and reporting for your assignment.


Remember this is not a substitute for your in-state training.

You will be offered (and should be offered) training in your community – it might be virtual, it might be a series of videos, it might be live. But it is vital you participate and get engaged.




Past Events


Poll Worker Prep Rally: Preparing Democracy’s Essential Workers

We’ll walk through what to expect on election day, how to handle common problems that arise at polling locations, and also make sure you know what else you can do to prepare yourself in the days ahead to be the best poll worker you can be.

Watch the recap below featuring special guests Billie Eilish, Isiah Thomas, Zeke Thomas and Baratunde Thurston.

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