May 3, 2024 via the Milwaukee Courier

Voting rights advocates gathered to discuss policies that could strengthen our democracy.

Our municipal clerks are under threats, harassment, and intimidation… We have worked with the legislators to pass bills to increase protection.

Sam liebert, wisconsin State Director

the indictment of the eleven fake electors is one of the first steps required in holding these election deniers accountable for their alleged attempts to take power away from voters by disrupting our free and fair elections.

alex gulotta, arizona state director

April 25, 2024 via Common Dreams

The alleged fake electors are accused of submitting fraudulent elector ballots during the 2020 election.

April 2, 2024 via USA Today

Wisconsin’s April 2 primary ballot featured a measure where voters could decide whether or not to bar outside groups from helping to fund or run elections.

Our clerks who run the elections at the local level are overworked and underfunded, and additional support is needed… So this isn’t really solving a problem.

Sam liebert, wisconsin state director

This legislation is the latest in a long line of Georgia election bills that does nothing to improve the voting process.

-kristin nabers, georgia state director

April 15, 2024 via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia lawmakers passed legislation that would make it easier to challenge a voter’s registration in the name of increasing election security.

February 23, 2024 via Tallahassee Democrat

The Florida state legislature briefly considered legislation that could have renewed primary runoffs and imposed new limits on ballot drop boxes. The bill died, but concerns remain.

The overlooked provisions in this bill that would have dramatically reduced vote-by-mail drop boxes this election cycle presented the most immediate threat to voters. We are still concerned that these provisions could be amended to other bills.

Brad Ashwell, Florida state director