Our data and research team focuses on leveraging data to advance pro-democracy efforts, interpret and share stories, understand emerging threats, and support advocacy dedicated to expanding voting access. We proactively monitor voting issues, provide statistical analysis of policy impacts, and use our research to gain deeper insights into the complexities of the voting rights landscape.

The Cost of Voter Suppression in America: How High Fees are Blocking Access to the Ballot

Our research found that a first-time voter will spend upwards of $105 to register and cast their ballot successfully. All Voting surveyed eligible voters across the U.S. to better understand how present-day election laws and voting policies affect their ability to participate in our democracy. In this report, we estimate the real out-of-pocket costs voters face when attempting to cast their ballots and make their voices heard, and make recommendations for election officials that aim to expand access to the ballot, not make it harder for people to vote.

Policing the Vote: Election Integrity Units in Florida and Ohio

Released in collaboration with Florida International University’s Amanda D. Clark and Engage Miami’s Monica A. Bustinza, the groundbreaking report examines the evolution of Election Integrity Units in these Florida and Ohio. We expose their origins, funding sources, and operational strategies. The report also highlights how these units, purportedly created to safeguard election integrity, have instead become instruments for voter suppression, disproportionately targeting communities of color and echoing historical patterns of discrimination.

The troubling impact of policing the vote.