Conspiracy theories about our elections have become the basis for a bad-faith push to use a method of counting ballots that doesn’t make our elections more transparent or more secure.

-Hannah Fried, Executive director, all voting is local

August 17, 2023 via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Spalding County, Georgia recently caved to election conspiracy theories and issued a new requirement that all ballots be hand counted before machine tabulations can be certified.

August 8, 2023 via Florida Phoenix

Ohio voters went to the polls on August 8 to determine whether or not the threshold to pass a citizen-initiated amendment to the state’s constitution would be raised to 60%. Florida has had that threshold in place since 2006.

When the legislature is bogged down and can’t address an issue because special interests are holding too much power or legislators are looking out for their own interests, it’s the only way that citizens can band together, organize and press for a change on a specific issue.

-Brad ashwell, Florida state director, ALl Voting is Local Action

We are bigger and our democracy is far bigger than a single issue, and we have to be able to navigate that when we go to the ballot box.

-Kayla Griffin, Ohio state director, All Voting is Local Action

July 24, 2023 via The Associated Press

Ohio’s Issue 1, which would raise the threshold required to pass a constitutional amendment to 60% of the vote, was on the ballot for a special election held in August.

July 11, 2023 via Nevada Current

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo vetoed AB 246, which would have expanded language access for Nevada voters.

There are voters out there who will not be able to vote due to that veto.

-kerry durmick, nevada state director, All Voting is Local

These disinformation candidates trying to overturn the will of the people, their goal is to sow distrust, and through that distrust, they suppress turnout.

-Nick Pressley, Pennsylvania state director, All VOting is Local

May 18, 2023 via Bucks County Beacon

Approximately 20 candidates running for county commissioner or city council and who denied or cast doubt on the results of the 2020 election won their primary elections in Pennsylvania.