It is hard to ascertain who we have in our communities to get a good clean handle on what our language access should look like.

-Kayla Griffin, Ohio state director

In more places this year, people can vote in their first language

February 2, 2024 via The Center for Public Integrity

Language access is increasing across the country, but some advocates note that it’s difficult to identify which groups need translated materials based on the official criteria.

February 1, 2024 via NBC News

Voters were confused over the fact that Nevada was holding both a Presidential Preference Primary and Republican-run caucus in February.

Because the primary system is more accessible. … This is going to be the most accessible election in Nevada’s history.

-kerry durmick, nevada state director

[A redo election] can erode the faith in our democratic processes … and the institution of voting.

-Sam Liebert, Wisconsin state director

January 26, 2024 via Wisconsin Watch

A judge ordered a redo of an election in Presque Isle, Wisconsin, after deciding that there were enough mistakes in the initial cost to warrant a new one.

December 23, 2023 via NBC News

Bridgeport, Connecticut is redoing its Democratic mayoral primary after a court order. The order comes after evidence surfaced of wrongdoing by a supporter of one of the candidates.

Given the broader system of mistrust in elections, disinformation, I want to make sure this doesn’t become another thing that could be used by people with bad intentions to feed the narrative that our results cannot be trusted, our elections cannot be trusted.

-Hannah fried, executive director

The EagleAI software increases the risk of removing lawful voters at an unacceptably high rate. Georgia’s counties must resist pressure from conspiracy theorists and refuse to partner with EagleAI. This software will bring more problems than solutions.

-Kristin Nabers, Georgia state director

December 14, 2023 via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

EagleAI is a software that claims to identify outdated voter registrations, though its inception was borne from false claims that the 2020 election was illegitimate. Columbia County recently became the first in Georgia to buy the software.

December 11, 2023 via The Brookings Institution

In the lead-up to another election year, the pervasive threat of violence against election officials, particularly female workers who constitute 80% of the workforce, demands urgent attention. Hannah Fried partnered with Zoe Wynn and Norman Eisen of The Brookings Institution to shed light on the disturbing reality of gendered harassment faced by women in electoral roles and explore the impact of such harassment on their safety and on our democratic processes.

Women who serve in election posts should be awarded similar protections commensurate with the nature of the threat to their safety. The functioning of our elections, and therefore our democracy, depends upon it.

-Hannah fried, executive director