“[election deniers] are going to continue to try and find fertile ground for their efforts to undermine our elections. They are not going to give up.”

-Alex Gulotta, Arizona state director

Nov. 28, 2022 via CNN

By a 2-1 vote Monday morning, the Republican majority on the Cochise County Board of Supervisors pushed back certification until Friday, citing concerns about voting machines. Because Monday was the deadline for all 15 Arizona counties to certify their results, Cochise’s action could put at risk the votes of some 47,000 county residents and could inject chaos into the election if those votes go uncounted.

Nov. 19, 2022 via The Washington Post

Georgia election workers are scrambling to review and certify the general election results under strict new deadlines required by a 2021 Republican-backed voting law while simultaneously preparing for a U.S. Senate runoff election that is happening sooner than usual, also because of the new law.

“It’s not like you just vote, go get some more poll workers and you’re ready to vote again. There’s a lot of stuff that counties have to do in between, as far as counting, certifying, testing the machines, doing the limiting audit.”

-Kristin Nabers, Georgia state director

“This mass disenfranchisement of blameless voters runs directly counter to the well-established principle that election rules should not be changed so close to an election so as to effectively invalidate the ballots of voters who relied on the prior rules.”

-All Voting is Local Pennsylvania

Nov. 9, 2022 via Salon

“Thousands of Pennsylvanians could be disenfranchised through no fault of their own because they understandably relied on the fact that their vote would count even if they did not write a date (or wrote the wrong date) on the outside envelope of their mail-in or absentee ballot, an error that disproportionately impacts senior citizen voters,” All Voting Is Local Pennsylvania wrote in a letter to county election officials Monday night.

Nov. 4, 2022 via the Ohio Capital Journal

Kayla Griffin, All Voting is Local’s Ohio campaign state director, offered more knowledge about what goes on the day that the election is being administered. She noted the differences between the standard poll workers that work closely with voters as they go into their boards of elections, and party-certified poll observers that observe the process and the vote count. 

“I cannot walk into any polling location and say ‘I’m an observer and I haven’t gone through a process,’ and nobody off the street can do that as well.”

-Kayla Griffin, Ohio state director

“We need to make sure our votes get counted — which is going to take time — and ensure that every vote is going to be counted no matter what.”

-Kerry Durmick, Nevada state director

Nov. 2, 2022 via KRNV

As Election Day 2022 approaches, Nevada election officials and watchdog groups are reminding voters and observers to be patient when waiting for results because it may take a few days for tight races to be called.