It’s an ouroboros of sort of disinformation at this point.

-Marisa Pyle, Georgia democracy defense senior manager

May 24, 2024 via GPB News

Mass challenges to voter eligibility in Georgia are only serving to fuel claims and theories based on disinformation.

May 21, 2024 via The Philadelphia Inquirer

Ballots in Pennsylvania were unable to be counted in the state’s recent primary for a number of reasons, so voting rights groups are working to put out educational campaigns.

Without clarity in the election code and without comprehensive notice and cure programs we’re going to continue to see bad faith actors in Pennsylvania use and exploit the issues on mail in ballots to breed voter distrust and to breed unnecessary litigation.

Deborah Hinchey, Pennsylvania special projects director

Those folks incarcerated, if it occurs over Election Day, should get the right to vote. While we guarantee that vote, we do not create the pathways to make that guarantee actionable.

Nick Pressley, Pennsylvania state director

April 12, 2024 via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Advocates are working to improve policies that can help those who are incarcerated but still eligible to vote cast a ballot.

April 3, 2024 via Ohio Capital Journal

Ohio’s new voter ID law, HB 458, created strict requirements, and the state has since seen a sharp increase in provisional ballot rejections.

There’s a narrative that everybody has identification and it’s not true.

Kayla Griffin, Ohio state director

So now there’s a million-dollar question — what does Florida do to replace ERIC?

Brad Ashwell, Florida state director

March 30, 2024 via WFSU

Florida recently left the Electronic Voter Registration System, or ERIC, and now has to find a viable alternative.