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Online voter registration deadlines are 20 days before election day, and in-person voter registration is available up to and including on election day.

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All Voting Wisconsin leveraged the opportunity created by the high-profile state Supreme Court election to advocate that officials address the most pressing issues facing Wisconsin voters. Our staff drew the state’s focus to the ongoing critical voter suppression issues that have long impacted Wisconsin’s Black, Latino, and Native American voters and to the ongoing threat that posed by election denial. All Voting Wisconsin jointly held a nonpartisan candidate forum at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, calling on the candidates to commit to upholding the foundations of our democracy. In preparation for the election, we also worked with local clerks and briefed state and national partners on how to prevent and solve critical voter access issues, including intimidation, lack of access to voter ID, the spread of disinformation, and a refusal to accept or certify the results.

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