defending democracy at the state and local level

All Voting works every day to expose and dismantle threats to voter freedom and build a democracy for us all. Our theory of change recognizes that the business of running elections is year-round work, and so too is the work to build bridges with election officials to expand access to the ballot. Only through this consistent engagement, education, and advocacy can we ensure they use this authority to expand voter access to the ballot to the fullest extent.

All Voting works to safeguard the rights of voters at the state and local levels, advancing fair, inclusive rules on voter registration, removing barriers that make it more difficult for people to vote, and ensuring every vote counts. We are active in more than 60 counties that are home to more than 21 million people of color. During the 2022 cycle, All Voting programs expanded access for more than 635,000 voters.

We have the capacity, expertise, and perspective to meet the varied challenges we face across eight states, each with its own unique election administration landscape. Our laser focus on local election administration, coupled with our robust network of state and national partners, positions us to fight voter suppression at its source and get out ahead of problems rather than waiting until the right to vote is taken away.

Unique capacity

We combine our on-the-ground presence and experience with in-house communications, policy, organizing, and data capacity to power local fights against voter suppression and election sabotage.

bridging In-state know-how and national expertise

Our deep partnerships with both national and in-state groups ensure we have the expertise, relationships, and resources to hold officials accountable to the communities they serve.

exclusive and year-round focus

We are influencing the election administration decisions that matter, when they get made.

Our work is nonpartisan and focuses on four areas to ensure that the right to vote belongs to us all.

Advancing high-impact policies

We’re expanding voter access in real time and are setting important precedents for future elections by broadening pathways to voter registration and expanding access to the ballot.


Ending election sabotage and safeguarding our elections

We’re pushing back against state and local officials who attempt to suppress the vote or disrupt vote counting, or who reject election results.


shaping the narrative

We’re deploying multidisciplinary communications tactics to fight disinformation, drive our advocacy, and ensure that state and national media narratives remain focused on the most important issues threatening elections and access to the ballot.

activating community power

We leverage our state teams’ long-standing presence in the communities we serve to engage with our partners in the fight for voting rights. We strategize collaboratively, identify local partners for subgrants, and share information to ensure communities are prepared with the resources necessary to respond when local officials attempt to restrict access to the ballot.

Today’s Threats

Profound inequities were part of our country’s founding, and in recent decades, voters, particularly voters of color, have faced extraordinary barriers to the ballot. All Voting is Local knows that these inequities aren’t new and anti-voter tactics aren’t going away. Our on-the-ground presence has allowed us to build scalable and sustainable programs that add clear value to the existing ecosystem in each state. We are tailoring and adjusting our work and approach to meet the needs of our communities across all our states.

Hannah Fried speaking at an Axios panel.

All Voting’s Origins

All Voting is Local started as an idea. In the wake of the disastrous ruling in the Shelby County v. Holder case and with state legislatures and Congress demonstrating an unwillingness to protect the right to vote (and in some cases, outright hostility to it), advocates were seeking new ways to fight for the right to vote. In March 2018, our executive director, Hannah Fried, launched All Voting as a campaign of The Leadership Conference Education Fund, alongside the ACLU, the American Constitution Society, the Campaign Legal Center, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Our mission was – and is – to build, hand in hand with impacted communities, sustained and locally tailored advocacy campaigns focused on state and local election officials. In the four years that followed, All Voting expanded to 33 dedicated staff, on the ground in eight states. During this period of growth, we stepped into our own as an independent organization on June 1, 2022. Shortly after, we launched our affiliate All Voting is Local Action (AVL Action), an organization aimed at enhancing our capabilities to tackle the most urgent challenges of our time by fighting for legislation and policies that expand and protect voter access.

From the beginning, All Voting and AVL Action have uniquely and individually functioned to unite our on-the-ground initiatives with our in-house expertise in communications, policy, organizing, and data, to fight against voter suppression and election denial starting at the local level. Through the years, we’ve evolved from a concept to a powerhouse of more than 50 dedicated and experienced staff committed to empowering communities and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. In the face of unprecedented challenges, our work continues to successfully expand access to the ballot for voters across our eight states.

Learn more about our wins across our states with our impact report from our first year as independent organizations.