The freedom to vote is at the heart of our democracy.

All Voting is Local exists to expose and dismantle threats to voter freedom.

Even though major elections happen only every two to four years, state and local officials consider and make decisions surrounding our ability to vote year-round. These constant threats to voting access and freedoms require immediate action.


 Instead of letting state and local officials strip away—unchecked—our ability to vote, every day we rise in our power to be proactive, not reactive. Our work is nonpartisan and focuses on three areas to ensure that the right to vote belongs to us all.



Every day, we demand fair registration rules and more accessible voting options. Every voter must be able to register to vote without fear of being unjustly removed from the voter rolls, freely and safely cast their ballot, and have their ballot count.



Every day, we organize with our coalition partners to leverage our collective power to demand our freedom to vote. When we unite, we are unstoppable.



Every day, we urge officials to count every ballot, to certify and report results fairly so that the voices of the people prevail.

All Voting’s Origins

Shortly after launching in 2018, All Voting is Local produced meaningful results in five states in time for the midterm elections. In 2020, amid a global pandemic, we expanded to eight states and worked with partners to ensure no voter had to choose between their right to vote and their health. In the face of unprecedented challenges, our work successfully expanded voting access.

Learn about our wins across our states with our 2020 Year in Review.

Today’s Threats

Today, as conspiracy theorists directly target Black, Brown, young, and new American voters by corrupting the election system to seize power, All Voting’s mission to protect the freedom to vote at the local level is more vital than ever. Click our state pages to learn how you can help us.

Hannah Fried speaking to an interviewer on stage at an Axios panel.