Language should not be a barrier to democracy

By All Voting is Local

“All Voting’s state teams work with our partners to bring these materials to voters, both by advocating for state and local governments to provide them, as well as creating and publishing them ourselves in some cases.”

A person holding a voter guide in Chinese
absentee ballots

By Nick pressley

“Our criminal justice system hinges on the principle of rehabilitation. Being able to reenter society with full citizenship and the right to vote is essential to that rehabilitation process.”

The ongoing impact of january 6

By hannah fried

“The extremism evident on that day also signaled unprecedented attacks on the freedom to vote that were still to come,  with the introduction of at least 325 restrictive voting bills in state legislatures across the country in 2023 alone.”

US Capitol building
People standing in line while others vote.

By Hannah Fried

“Based on nothing but conspiracy theories, the growing movement to replace machine tabulation of ballots with hand counts threatens the ability of voters to elect the leaders of their choice.”

By sayer lagalle

“Unfortunately though, not every action that harms voters, degrades democracy, or sows distrust in our elections results in criminal liability. At All Voting, we believe that these other unlawful actions, and the individuals and offices that carry them out, should be held accountable as well.”

A line of Arizona state flags

By Hannah Fried

“For election deniers, this isn’t about driving one bad policy. It’s not about policy at all. Their aim is to replace facts with lies; experts with conspiracy theorists; and in so doing degrade and dismantle the institutions that ensure fairness and transparency, that power is checked, and that officials are accountable to the people they serve.”