October 6, 2022

Madison, WI — This morning, 35 youth and Wisconsin voters, along with 4 state officials attended Voter Advocacy Day to learn how to make their voices heard in our democracy. All Voting is Local Action hosted this community event featuring three mock experiences for participants to practice engaging with our government. Participants in Voter Advocacy Day had the opportunity to join one of three tracks: Mock Public Testimony, Mock Budget Hearing or Mock Experience Lobbying Legislators. Participants also had the opportunity to sign up on site to become poll workers for the upcoming elections.

“Today we activated and educated Wisconsin residents who are eager to support the democratic process,” said All Voting is Local Action WI Grassroots Manager Bianca Shaw. “All Voting is Local Action is working to expose and dismantle threats to the ballot box, and the first line of defense is an educated public that understands how their voices make an impact. A successful and safe election where everyone has easy access to the ballot must have capable, knowledgeable voters, and that is what we were working towards today. It was exciting to see so many Wisconsin residents enthusiastically step up to participate and facilitate voting in their communities.” 
Wisconsin voters can find registration information, deadlines, polling locations and more at myvote.wi.gov.