Response to joint statement from Arizona Election Officials

PHOENIX — On Tuesday, the Arizona Association of County Recorders released a statement opposing Proposition 309, which could increase the amount of required voter identification information voters must provide when returning mail-in ballots. The Association notes  the proposition would create new burdens on Arizona Voters and likely lead to greater disenfranchisement. Alex Gulotta, Arizona State Director of All Voting Is Local Action, released the following statement in response:

“Our election officials have spoken. Now the people must speak with them by exercising their right to vote. We must all VOTE NO on Prop 309. Proposition 309 would place voters’ right to a secret ballot at risk, delay vote count and certification and create new barriers that will disenfranchise many voters including students, snowbirds and tribal voters. This proposition is another attempt to disrupt free and fair elections, and it must not pass into law.” 

Read the full statement from the Arizona Association of County Recorders here.

Stephen Richer, Maricopa County Recorder, outlines the impact of Prop 309 on Twitter here