April 24, 2024

PHOENIX —  In response to the charges announced by Attorney General Kris Mayes against Arizona’s alleged fake electors, All Voting Is Local Action State Director Alex Gulotta released the following statement:

“When it comes to safeguarding our democracy, accountability must always come around for those who attempt to subvert our elections. As Attorney General Mayes pursues justice for Arizona voters, we are reaffirmed in the core belief that the checks and balances in place will continue to defend our foundational right to vote. The indictment of the eleven fake electors is one of the first steps required in holding these election deniers accountable for their alleged attempts to take power away from voters by disrupting our free and fair elections. Arizonans deserve to trust the election officials responsible for administering our elections and preserving our democracy, and this is a positive step forward as we continue to strengthen the foundations of our democracy and restore faith in our elections.”


After the 2020 election, certain state and local leaders across the country plotted to create false groups of electors in order to overturn the 2020 Presidential election results and undermine the will of the people. The alleged fake electors helped prepare fake certificates in seven states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. From Michigan to Arizona and Georgia, many alleged fake electors are currently under investigation and are either facing potential charges or have already been indicted for their participation in the alleged fake elector scheme.