May 18, 2023

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Today, the Ohio Ballot Board voted 3-2 to adopt language proposed by Secretary of State Frank LaRose drafted for Senate Joint Resolution 2, now officially State Issue 1 for the August special election. In response, All Voting is Local Action Ohio State Director Kayla Griffin released the following statement:

“Not surprisingly, Secretary of State LaRose continued to skirt his position’s responsibilities to Ohioans to instead continue the blatant attempt to concentrate the power in this state to a group of elites who clearly do not believe they are constitutionally responsible to the people. The language he proposed, and then voted on as a member of the Ohio Ballot Board, only confuses voters and is deceptive at its core. It uses subjective language in the title, and it fails to explain to voters what is being changed regarding the constitutional amendment process – there is no listing of the current standards, so voters will not be able to compare them to the proposed changes. This will prevent voters from realizing that they are being asked to vote for the ending of majority rule, a foundational principle of democracy.

“This is yet another glaring example of an authoritarian faction doing everything they can to pull the wool over Ohioans’ eyes. But we the people will not be deterred. Even with the calculated attempts to confuse and/or silence voters, we will educate voters and turn out in August to defeat this resolution. We will not stand for the disintegration of the sacred principle of one person, one vote through letting minority rule reign in the state.”

The official title for State Issue 1 is as follows: Elevating the Standards to Qualify for and to Pass Any Constitutional Amendment. The accompanying explanation for Issue 1 on the ballot explains what the resolution will require for future ballot initiatives, but it does not include any language on what the current standards are for the constitutional amendment process.Close searchPress enter to search

All Voting is Local

All Voting is Local