December 5, 2023

ATLANTA All Voting is Local Action Georgia State Director Kristin Nabers issued the following statement in response to Columbia County piloting a concerning new voter information database known as EagleAI: 

“The EagleAI software increases the risk of removing lawful voters at an unacceptably high rate. EagleAI seeks to replicate the work of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), but with zero government oversight of the program. Columbia County’s partnership with EagleAI gives the program an alarming toehold in Georgia, and could lead to additional counties accepting voter challenges generated by the platform. 

“EagleAI could threaten voters and election officials as well. Mass challenges already place a heavy burden on election offices, often during the busiest times of the year. EagleAI will potentially make the issue exponentially worse, as mass challenges will become even easier to file. Georgia’s counties must resist pressure from conspiracy theorists and refuse to partner with EagleAI. This software will bring more problems than solutions.”


EagleAI is a new software system that purports to aid counties in reviewing voter rolls more easily and efficiently than ERIC. EagleAI creates massive lists of voters based on change of address lists, property tax and zoning records, felony convictions, obituaries, and additional scraped or sourced data from public records. The software then flags voters it deems suspicious for further investigation and shares its lists with individuals, who can file baseless mass challenges to hundreds or thousands of voters at a time.