March 28, 2023

PHILADELPHIA  All Voting is Local Action’s Pennsylvania Special Projects Director Deborah Hinchey issued the following statement following today’s United States House Committee on House Administration hearing on a paper ballot shortage during the 2022 election in Luzerne County:

“Conspiracy theorists in Pennsylvania have unsurprisingly used a paper ballot shortage in Luzerne County in the 2022 general election to spread lies about our elections. Today’s House committee hearing caved to the Big Lie supporters and tried to paint our secure and trustworthy elections in Pennsylvania as something they are not.

“As highlighted by testimony from our grassroot partners at Action Together NEPA, election offices in Luzerne County and across the Commonwealth need more support via state and federal funding. With increased funding for election workers, equipment, and materials like ballots, our local election administrators can be better prepared for the next Election Day. Conversations about increased funding would be a far better use of our time and resources than spending time listening to election deniers lie about voting processes in Luzerne County and elsewhere.”


In the November 2022 general election, multiple polling locations in Luzerne County experienced paper ballot shortages. The Luzerne County District Attorney is still investigating how and why this occurred. 

All Voting is Local Actions’s grassroots partner Action Together NEPA testified today in front of the U.S. House committee to offer more background information on what happened on Election Day and how it can be prevented next time.