February 8, 2024

PHOENIX – Voting rights advocates are celebrating a win for democracy today following Governor Hobbs’ and Arizona legislators’ passage of bipartisan pro-voter legislation. HB 2785 protects Arizona’s presidential electors, ensures overseas members of the military can vote, and expands access to early voting. Alex Gulotta, All Voting Is Local Action Arizona State Director, released the following statement:

“We knew it was important to pass a fix to the election timeline issue in a way that works for voters and protects their ability to cast their ballot without worry. Lawmakers should strive to pass policies and laws that work for all people, not laws that work for some and not others. All voters deserve to cast their ballots without fear of whether or not it will count.

“AVL Action worked alongside advocacy groups, pro-voter legislators, Governor Hobbs, Secretary Fontes, and Attorney General Mayes to achieve this win for voters. Good things happen when the people, lawmakers, and government officials work together to solve problems and protect democracy. This type of collaboration must be the standard, and the focus should always be on how we can make voting better for all Arizona voters.”


The bipartisan fix to the election timeline ensures Arizona’s presidential electors are counted without confusion or delay, protects military families’ access to voting without sacrificing the rights of other Arizona voters, gives counties stability to administer the upcoming elections, and includes more access to early voting for everyone.

The full bill can be read here.