March 29, 2024

ATLANTA  All Voting is Local Action Georgia State Director Kristin Nabers issued the following statement in response to the state legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 189 late Thursday night. The legislation would invite more unnecessary challenges to voter eligibility and overburden election workers by requiring extra bureaucratic steps.

“This legislation is the latest in a long line of Georgia election bills that does nothing to improve the voting process. Instead it will make it even easier for anyone to challenge the eligibility of a voter’s registration by allowing challengers to use unreliable websites that often have incorrect or outdated data. Georgia is now like the student who uses sketchy web pages to source their midterm essay, except we’re dealing with the very serious subject of peoples’ votes and we’re wasting taxpayer money on these unfounded challenges.

“Georgia does not need this bill to further complicate its voting processes, especially in a general election year. It’s important that Gov. Brian Kemp does the right thing and vetoes this unnecessary and backwards bill.”