September 6, 2022

TALLAHASSEE — All Voting is Local Action’s Florida Campaign Manager Ricardo Negron-Almodovar issued the following statement in response to the Ocala City Council adopting an ordinance today that will allow early voting for municipal elections:

“The Ocala City Council has stepped up by allowing the city to offer much-needed early voting options during municipal elections. After meeting with city officials over the past year to advocate for the ordinance, All Voting is Local Action and its partners are thrilled to see that tens of thousands of Ocala voters could benefit by being able to vote early in their elections.

“Early voting encourages voter turnout and is incredibly popular among Floridians, as nearly two-thirds of registered voters in the state chose to vote early in the 2020 general election. Given the restrictions imposed by recent changes to election laws in Florida, it is crucial for municipalities like Ocala to provide voters with more opportunities to access the ballot box.”