September 27, 2023

PHILADELPHIA  All Voting is Local Action’s Pennsylvania State Director Nick Pressley issued the following statement following the approval of the annual budget for the Pennsylvania Department of State for the 2024 fiscal year:

“We cannot afford to shortchange our elections in Pennsylvania. A fully funded system of elections ensures that votes are counted in a safe and efficient manner. Whether it is providing clearer voting instructions, more comprehensive poll worker training or more drop box availability throughout our counties, our elections budget has a real-world impact that can directly improve the voting process and make it less confusing or burdensome.  

“The latest Department of State budget includes a very minimal increase for elections across the state that doesn’t move the needle on election administrative needs. Voters across the Commonwealth deserve better. Conspiracy theorists in Pennsylvania are taking advantage of underfunded elections by calling necessary voting processes into question. A strong and well-resourced election system can silence these anti-democratic actors and allow voters to be heard.”