January 17, 2023

MILWAUKEE, WI –  On Wednesday, Voting rights groups and community leaders will hold a press conference to demand that Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu rescind the appointment of Robert Spindell from the Wisconsin Election Commision (WEC). These demands were spurred by a leaked email in which Spindell celebrated the disenfranchisement of Black and Hispanic communities in the City of Milwaukee. Representatives and voting rights organizations will join in support, including State Senators Mark Spreitzer, Kelda Roys, and  LaTonya Johnson, along with All Voting is Local Action Wisconsin.


  • Samuel Liebert, WI State Director, All Voting is Local Action
  • Joe Waldman, WI Campaign Manager, All Voting is Local Action
  • Bianca Shaw, WI Grassroots Manager, All Voting is Local Action
  • Kelda Roys, Wisconsin State Senator, District 26
  • LaTonya Johnson, Wisconsin State Senator, District 6
  • Mark Spreitzer, Wisconsin State Senator, District 15 

WHAT: Rally and press conference calling on Senate Majority Leader, Devin LeMahieu to rescind the appointment of Robert Spindell from the WEC. Action to follow current COVID-19 safety protocols.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 18th, 10:00 am CT

WHERE: Senate Parlor Room, WI State Capitol, 2 E Main St, Madison, WI 53703 

This past week, in an email to local party officials in the Milwaukee area, Spindell celebrated voters casting fewer ballots, especially in Black and Brown communities, due to a “well thought out multi-faceted plan.” Spindell was further quoted as saying that the party could “be especially proud of the City of Milwaukee (80.2% Dem Vote) casting 37,000 less votes than cast in the 2018 election with the major reduction happening in the overwhelming Black and Hispanic ares.” For further details, read more here.