March 23, 2022

Contact: Vincent Thurman, [email protected],  202-417-8382

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Must Veto Anti-Voter Bill

PHOENIX All Voting is Local Arizona State Director Alex Gulotta made the following statement in response to the Arizona Legislature passing HB 2492, which will require all existing voters to retroactively provide proof of citizenship and creates unnecessary burdens on new voters who do not register with an Arizona driver’s license or state ID.

 “A group of Arizona legislators continue to directly attack democracy and voting rights using every tool at their disposal. Gov. Doug Ducey must veto HB2492, which creates illegal barriers to voting for the people of Arizona by imposing improper requirements on voter registration. The bill also requires that anyone who registered to vote before 2005 to provide additional documentation. Further, it targets voters born outside the United States for special scrutiny and investigation. Bills like this one are being passed through the Arizona legislature to appease a small, but loud group of legislators who are basing their decisions on unfounded claims from the sham election review conducted by the discredited and defunct Cyber Ninjas.

This is the latest anti-voter measure from a group of legislators who are more interested in grabbing power than protecting the will of the people. Even though their own Senate rules attorney told them this bill was illegal, they continue to recklessly squander taxpayer money by provoking inevitable and expensive litigation. It is neither prudent policy nor fiscally conservative. Reasonable voices in every political party should be outraged.”


The Arizona legislature passed HB 2492, which requires all existing voters to provide extensive and unnecessary documentation to prove citizenship, even if registered before the citizenship requirement was imposed in 2005, creating an unnecessary barrier for both currently registered voters and voters who intend to register to vote in the future. The bill requires extensive documentation when registering to vote if voters do not register with an Arizona State ID or Driver’s License, including voters using Tribal IDs and military IDs.