The freedom to vote must be ensured for every eligible voter in Nevada, regardless of zip code, race, socio-economic status, or background.

To uphold this belief, our state has increased voter access by providing voting options and expanding access to voter registration. While significant progress has been made, we must address the remaining gaps and push back on all threats to our voting rights.

Nevada voters deserve to live in a state that:

  • Protects election workers
  • Ensures voters can cast their ballots and election workers can do their jobs free of fear and threats of violence
  • Does not impose new rules and regulations upon election systems based on conspiracies theories 
  • Uses technological best practices to count votes accurately
  • Fully funds elections and provide voters with a timely and unburdensome voting experience 
  • Provides widely accessible voting materials and resources in the languages Nevadans speak 
  • Guarantees that people with disabilities can vote, receive needed accommodations, and  maintain the privacy of their choices 
  • Counties and the state of Nevada certify elections using state law and certification deadlines

We must protect equitable advances in voting, including:

  • Same-day voter registration
  • Universal and automatic vote by mail
  • Widely accessible polling sites 
  • Automatic rights restoration for previously incarcerated individuals 
  • Polling places on Tribal Nations
  • Voting in jails
  • Not requiring an ID to vote 
  • Count Every Vote within certification deadlines 

The foundation of our democracy depends on a system that guarantees that every vote counts and no voter is excluded in the electoral process. By working in partnership with community leaders and advocates, Nevada election officials can ensure that all barriers to voting are addressed and our election systems are fair, transparent, and accessible for all.