LaVita Tuff is All Voting is Local’s compliance counsel.

Tuff is a seasoned civic innovator with over a decade of experience crafting transformative policy, reputational risk management, and organizational compliance work.

Her impactful career is deeply rooted in shaping narratives that drive transformative policies for communities of color, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to fostering equity and inclusion while shaping best practices for addressing complex societal challenges. In addition to her significant policy victories, such as implementing open data policies in mid-sized cities across the nation, enacting criminal justice constitutional amendments in conservative states, and expanding language access for limited English proficiency voters, Tuff has made a profound impact in the world of professional sports. She has been instrumental in compliance work for organizations founded by professional athletes, helping protect athletes off the field and ensuring their rights and well-being are safeguarded.

Her academic background encompasses a B.A. in English from Tennessee State University, a master’s in urban and regional planning specializing in economic, community, and housing development from the University of New Orleans, and a juris doctorate from the University of Baltimore School of Law. Tuff’s life’s work is a testament to her unwavering dedication to driving positive change through innovation, policy advocacy, community empowerment, and her mission to protect athletes beyond their playing careers.