His passion to stand up for civil rights was formed during his Jewish upbringing and crystallized during his tenure at Prescott College in Arizona. While earning his degree in film production with a minor in agroecology, Coodley was appalled by Arizona’s discriminatory enforcement of unconstitutional laws such as “Show Me Your Papers” (SB-1070) and, in turn, inspired by the strategic organizing of his fellow students to protest Arizona’s ban of ethnic studies. Upon graduating in 2012, he dedicated his career to organizing for justice.

In addition to producing and editing documentaries and short videos, Coodley has over a decade of experience working as an organizer, regional field director, video coordinator, and policy adviser for ballot initiatives, community engagement, and issue-based advocacy campaigns alike. Coodley spent three years working for the ACLU of Florida as a statewide voting rights organizer, building nonpartisan coalitions to secure local voting reforms and confront crises such as redirecting would-be voters from newly closed early voting sites. Coodley’s community-building, direct advocacy, and digital communications skills are rooted in understanding the importance of strategic organizing through an intersectional lens.