Shauntay Nelson is is All Voting is Local’s Co-Director of States.

She is a strategist who has spent her career developing emerging and executive leaders through the concept that social empowerment is foundational in fostering growth. Prior to joining All Voting is Local’s national team, she served as All Voting is Local Wisconsin’s state director, where she initiated, developed, and co-led the Wisconsin Voting Rights Coalition (WVRC) to ensure access to the ballot. Nelson believes that it takes a combination of creativity and strategy to effectively provide tools designed to cultivate power where it belongs: with the people.

Nelson has historically promoted expansion to the ballot through voter education and advocacy. Some of her accomplishments include lobbying for the expansion of early voting locations in the City of Milwaukee, influencing legislative action statewide, and serving as a national spokesperson on the need for voter expansions.

Nelson is a thought leader within her community, a strategist, a public policy guru, and a prolific speaker. She was selected as one of the TEDx Talk speakers for Marquette University in 2019. She has been quoted by NPR, Urban Milwaukee, Milwaukee Community Journal, the Shepherd Express, and was a guest on Milwaukee PBS’s “Black Nouveau.”