September 20, 2018

MIAMI–All Voting is Local Florida State Director Dan Horton issued the following statement in response to Miami-Dade county officials’ decision to authorize an early voting location on the campus of Florida International University for the November general election..

“Establishing early voting on the campus of Florida International University is a huge victory for students and an affirmation that their voices cannot be silenced. Miami-Dade officials made the right decision by moving to expand access to the ballot rather than preserving needless roadblocks to voting. Adding early voting at FIU, with a student population of nearly 57,000, simply makes good sense. It is a vital step that helps ensure elections are fair and accessible to all, regardless of where people live, work or study.

“Since a federal court struck down Florida’s ban on early voting at public colleges in July, officials in Orange, Hillsborough, and Alachua counties wisely cleared the way for college students to vote early on some of their campuses. Now, FIU students join those at other universities with the assurance that they, too, will have their voices heard.”


All Voting is Local fights for the right to vote through a unique combination of data-driven organizing, advocacy and communications. It is a collaborative campaign housed at The Leadership Conference Education Fund, in conjunction with Access Democracy; the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation; the American Constitution Society; the Campaign Legal Center; and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.