PHOENIX – All Voting is Local today announced a campaign to educate Arizona voters on their options to cast a ballot securely by mail through a series of text messages, reaching 106,301 people, informational videos, and digital ads.

Despite concerns about voting amid COVID-19, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and the state legislature have not announced efforts to expand access to the ballot while safeguarding public health. All Voting is Local will fill that void by educating voters about how to sign up to vote by mail in Arizona, including both the “Permanent Early Voting List” (PEVL) and the one-time request to vote by mail, which opened to applications on Sunday, May 4.    

“There’s so much uncertainty and fear around our August primary and November general elections,” said Alex Gulotta, Arizona state director for All Voting is Local. “But Arizonans have the power to make sure they are heard by requesting a ballot by mail right now. Doing so affords voters control of their voice and their vote, regardless of the circumstances in August or November. They may decide to mail it back, put it in a dropbox, or walk it into a polling place. Regardless of which option, they have the power.” 

To explain how to apply for the PEVL or a one-time mailed ballot, All Voting is Local will reach voters through:  

  • Texts messages that inform voters of their registration status and their options for voting by mail 
  • Digital ads with videos explaining how to apply for the PEVL and one-time mailed ballot
  • Digital ads to inform voters on process, safety, and options for voting by mail 

Arizona qualified for more than $7 million of the $400 million Congress provided to states for election assistance, but the state needs additional funding so that no voter is forced to choose between protecting their health and casting their ballot.

Federal funding is crucial for the expansion of voting by mail in Arizona while still preserving meaningful access to in-person options for voters without reliable mail, people with disabilities, and people living on tribal lands. 

Campaign efforts will include calls for additional funding to support the costs associated with safe and secure voting in the era of COVID-19. 

The campaign is part of a series of events for Turn Up Tuesdays, a weekly, national call to action, launched by All Voting is Local and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights through their joint “And Still I Vote” campaign. The effort aims to mobilize voters and urge officials to ensure free, fair, and safe elections in 2020.