LAS VEGAS — All Voting is Local Nevada and the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) today launched the “Nevada Tribal Leaders Guide: Requesting Voter Services for Your Reservation or Colony” to provide resources to tribal chairs, councils, and governments to navigate the process of requesting a polling place in their communities. 

Nevada recently established a special process through which any tribe may request a ballot drop box and/or Election Day polling site to be placed within its reservation or colony. The new guide offers an overview of Nevada’s request process. 

“We found the Secretary of State’s website for tribal governments regarding how to request a polling place to be limited and could be confusing for some,” said All Voting is Local Nevada State Director Kerry Durmick. “We hope this resource will motivate Nevada’s election officials to provide better guidance to Nevada’s Tribal Nations.”

“Native voters throughout Nevada have long faced unreasonably long distances to obtain voter services — distances that prevent some from voting at all, because voter services such as registration offices, ballot return drop boxes, early voting sites, and Election Day polling places are often located outside of tribal lands,” said NARF Fellow Emily deLisle. “This special process can be a powerful tool for addressing this problem. We hope that our Tribal Leaders’ Guide, which explains Nevada’s tribal request process, will help Tribes make the most of the provisions and improve equity and access for Native voters in the state.”

“The Nevada Tribal Leaders Guide: Requesting Voter Services for Your Reservation or Colony” can be found here. Tribal leaders who are interested in having polling locations on their reservations or colonies are encouraged to contact NARF ([email protected]) or All Voting is Local ([email protected]) for assistance.