November 4, 2022

MILWAUKEE —  All Voting is Local Wisconsin State Director Shauntay Nelson issued the following statement in response to a Green Bay court ruling that granted poll watchers expanded access to the process:

“The City of Green Bay and all other municipalities will not tolerate voter intimidation. Any attempt to intimidate voters, incite fear and stoke distrust in the voting process is unacceptable.”

“Poll observers cannot be excluded from watching public aspects of the voting process, however, any attempted intimidation, including attempts to view legally-protected private aspects of voting, is a clear violation of the law. The law clearly states: Violators are subject to significant civil and criminal liability. Voter intimidation is a federal offense that can be subject to federal charges. Such actions will not be tolerated in Wisconsin. This lawsuit is a media stunt to unnerve poll workers across the state.” 


On Wednesday Judge Marc A. Hammer ordered the clerk’s office in Green Bay to grant poll watchers greater access to in-person absentee voting, siding with the RNC who alleged they were improperly granting them to only view certain parts of the process.
All Voting is Local and the Brennan Center previously released a memo that outlines the guidelines for Wisconsin poll workers, including how to manage poll monitors, here.