PHOENIX — All Voting is Local Arizona Campaign Manager Rosemary Avila issued the following statement in response to Gov. Doug Ducey’s signing of SB1485 into law, which could remove more than 100,000 voters from the state’s Permanent Early Voting List.  

“Gov. Doug Ducey failed his duty to protect Arizonans from a brazenly harmful, unnecessary attempt to put up barriers between voters and the ballot. 

“But, make no mistake, this bill and others like it will fail to silence Arizonans, because of the power of the people. We made ourselves loud and clear: don’t mess with our freedom to vote how we choose. We will continue to push back on further attempts to take power away from the people as additional anti-voter bills are considered and implemented.” 

SB1485 mandates that county election officials must remove voters from the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) if they don’t vote with an early ballot in both the primary and general elections for two consecutive election cycles for which there was a statewide, federal, or legislative race on the ballot. The bill also removes “permanent” from PEVL, and replaces it with “active.”