PHOENIX — All Voting is Local Arizona Campaign Manager Rosemary Avila issued the following statement urging Governor Doug Ducey to veto SB1003, which would prohibit voters from fixing their ballots if their signatures are missing. 

“Gov. Ducey must veto SB1003 and affirm that all Arizona voters deserve to cast a ballot that counts. Not allowing voters to fix a ballot with a missing signature is a deliberate attempt by some members of our legislature to ensure fewer ballots are counted. It will harm all voters and will disproportionately impact Native American voters.”



SB1003, which passed the Arizona Legislature today, contradicts a 2018 lawsuit settlement between the Navajo Nation, Secretary of State, and Apache, Coconino and Navajo counties, which determined that officials must notify voters of missing signatures and allow them up to five days after Election Day to fix their ballots.