November 7, 2022

COCHISE, Arizona — Today, one day before Election Day, a Cochise County judge ruled that the county must adhere to the best practice of using vote tabulation machine results once verified by a limited hand-count audit instead of a proposed 100% hand count audit. All Voting Is Local Arizona State Director Alex Gulotta responded with the following statement: 

“This is a win for democracy and most of all, for the voters of Arizona. Following best practices only reinforces trust in our election process and reassures voters that their votes will be counted and their voices will be heard. 

“Hand-counting ballots is a conspiracy theory-driven tactic used to sow distrust and disrupt the election. The practice is slow, prone to error and needlessly costly. The Cochise County judge sends a resounding message to Arizona voters that their freedom to vote will be protected.” 

All Voting is Local, a nonpartisan organization, exists to expose and dismantle threats to voter freedom in order to make voting safe, fair, and accessible, to build a democracy for us all. For more information about All Voting is Local, visit and follow us on Twitter @votingislocal.