PHOENIX All Voting is Local Arizona Campaign Manager Rosemary Avila released the following statement ahead of the final public comment meeting for the state’s Election Procedures Manual on Thursday:

Following months of attacks on our freedom to vote, with anti-democracy laws and unnecessary sham ballot reviews, the Elections Procedures Manual is an opportunity for the secretary of state and election officials to solidify changes that voters actually want to see. The secretary of state must include policies in the manual that explicitly protect our freedom to register to vote and cast a ballot that is counted, no matter our color, background, or ZIP code, as well as hold local officials to account on implementing and including the community in election planning.”



The full list of policies All Voting is Local is urging the secretary of state to include in the final Elections Procedures Manual can be found here.

The Elections Procedures Manual, issued by the Arizona secretary of state, details the procedures that local election officials must follow to ensure that election practices are consistent and efficient throughout Arizona. The manual dictates policies such as when jurisdictions must send mailed ballots to voters, how to establish emergency vote centers, and the requirements to register to vote. In the past few months, the secretary of state has worked with local county election officials to draft and edit the manual. On Friday, August 13, 2021, the secretary of state opened the draft for public comment. Once final, the manual then goes to the attorney general and the governor, and upon their approval, it essentially has the force and effect of law.