November 3, 2022

FLINT, Michigan— On Wednesday Judge Mark Latchana threw out a lawsuit from the MI GOP and RNC seeking a last minute push to insert poll workers at Flint polls days before the election, creating chaos and opening the door to untrained individuals to influence the election. All Voting Is Local Michigan State Director, Aghogho Edevbie responded with the following statement:

“The RNC wanted to force Flint to explicitly focus on recruiting Republican poll workers, appoint Republicans solely from an RNC provided list, and require some of these Republicans be appointed chairpersons of their precincts. These demands are not based in Michigan election law, and go well beyond the requirement for each major political party to have representation in each precinct and absentee counting board. This was a blatant attempt to disrupt the election process and the on-going voting.

“The case was dismissed out of hand because they didn’t include the Genesee County Republican Party in its lawsuit. Only county party chairs can challenge the appointment (or lack of appointment) of poll workers and they must do so within 4 days of the appointments being publicly announced. Neither requirement was met. This decision protects the Flint clerk’s office and Michigan’s elections from this unfounded attempt to sow doubt in Michigan’s election processes.”